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What is ekeep?

ekeep is a software for managing your Projects with pipelines, alerts and timeframes.  Everything from Schedules, Contacts, Invoices, Team Management & CRM. You can access it everywhere, anywhere!


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Spreadsheets are a thing of the past!

Integrate your sales, quotes, invoices, expenses, projects and contacts all in one place! Take the next step in consolidating your business.

Online invoicing Software

With ekeep you can access your invoices whenever and wherever you want, from any location. You don't need to install any program, all you need to do is access the internet and your ekeep account. Don't worry it's completely secure! 

Current status of projects

Any given company will always have at least a few ongoing projects. With ekeep you can view which team member is responsible for which project, the cost of the project, its timeframe and its development status.

Monitoring of daily activities

View your company's daily activities with one simple click! Among many activities you can view which invoices are due, what projects are ongoing, who is doing what, etc. 

Real time profit analysis

Do you know your company's profit at this precise moment? Or do you need to open a spreadsheet and do the math? With ekeep invoicing and costs are all integrated in one place so each day at any given hour you can know your company's profit. 


Build a better relationship with your customers with ekeep's integrated CRM. RFM analysis, lead management and conversion rate are some of the options available. 

Treasury management

Do you know which invoices are due or which still need to be payed? With ekeep's treasury management you will have alerts to remind you and everything is all integrated in one place.


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“We believe that managing the day to day of your company should be easy and interlinked. We put everything together in one place, so that you can focus on your business and let ekeep take care of the management.”